Azi Debuts First 2021 Release, “Dance (Remix)” Featuring Tweezy

The zeitgeist of the country is hopeful again; hesitant, but hopeful nevertheless. It is with the same spirit that Azi seeks to debut his first single of 2021, “Dance (Remix)” featuring Tweezy. Musicians had a lot to learn how to navigate an entertainment industry that didn’t allow them outside in 2020. Now that “outside” is a slightly more accessible ideal, Azi hopes to make people dance with his newly remixed single.

Dropped March 19, 2021 and based on the concept of making people move, “Dance (Remix)” sees Azi wax about the career he intends to have, speaking on what his life will look like once he pops, should his music take to the hearts and minds of his audience, and the like. The sentiment behind this production was to create a feel-good joint, sporting pop, rap, and coastal soundscapes. Assisted by Tweezy, “Dance (Remix)” gives the feel of a song commenting on the work life of music without harping on the difficulties thereof, but celebrating the proverbial victory dance that comes with a successful music career.
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